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At FP we know that while all customers share a common challenge in sourcing and managing consumables, each customer faces its own unique challenges. We offer a core range of supply methods that can be tweaked to suit you the customer. See below for just a small snapshot of the tried and tested systems we provide.


Vendor Managed Inventory

 Stocked line side or central stores  Stored in cabinets and counted / restocked using our FPMobile iOS app  Stored in vending units restocked to order  Fast moving parts supplied on consignment stock at our expense  Slow moving, critical parts invoiced at delivery but managed by FP  Duplicate backup stock at FP to ensure next or same day delivery  Permanent onsite employee for large scale contracts


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Ad-hoc / Non-stocked Orders

 Ordered via our unique web portal FPOnline  Customer focused visuals  Complete user history tracking quotations, orders, deliveries and more  Tagging for simple search of all interactions  Unlimited control down to line item level  Password protect categories  Product group tracking per employee  Five optional tiers of approval  Contracted items and pricing tracked  Custom categories per customer listing your unique parts  Order quoted items as if standard catalogue products  GRN procedures for managing the receipt of deliveries  Accounts procedures for approving invoices  Designed for mobile meaning ease of use on the move  and so much more...


FP System FP System FP System FP System


Why not get in touch to see just how simple indirect consumable management can be by partnering with FP?


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